About Us

Dream Tour Adventures offers quality tours to Asia and beyond. We are a small niche operation and take pride in our ability to offer a more personal experience for our customers.

Ensuring your safety and peace of mind is our greatest responsibility. We always deliver an excellent and safe trip. Our guides are licensed as are our professional drivers. Our vehicles are modern, clean, safe, and insured, including liability. We require that you have trip insurance. We feel it would be negligent on our part, to not and although seldom used, an unnecessary risk.


I believe that ultimately, the value of ones life is measured by experiences. My goal is to offer you the opportunity to experience the local people and culture and to feel a sense of the destination that is more than just the regular tourist stops. If you are considering a trip to a foreign land, I implore you to go, even if it is not with us. The rewards, memories and experience will be with you forever, and maybe give new perspective and insight that may change the course of your own life. That is what we are really trying to give, when we offer a dream tour adventure.
Wayne Russell

We are based in the city of gardens, Victoria, BC Canada. Our prices are in Canadian dollars. If you are purchasing form the United States, you will save almost 10% based on the current exchange rates. We don't advertise teaser prices, only to raise the price when you contact us. The price that you see is for a quality tour, start to finish.