Cambodia - Kingdom of Wonders

12 Days $2185.00

Flexible Start Date

Includes Private Guides and Drivers



Siam Reap


Koh Rong

Phnom Penh


  • Jungle temples and beach paradise; 4 day island getaway
  • Dance of Apsara, elephant ride up Bakheng Mountain, Angkor Wat, White Tree of Ta Prohm Temple, Bayon Temple, Banteay Kdei, Baphoun, Elephant Terrace, Leper King Terrace, Royal Palace, markets, sailing lessons and so much more!

Day 1

North America - Bangkok

Depart from North America today on an overnight flight to Thailand.

Day 2


Welcome to Bangkok, arriving late evening. Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, your guide will greet and escort you to your hotel at Don Muang Airport for check-in.
Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok Hotel

Day 3

Bangkok - Siam Reap

Welcome to the Kingdom of Wonders! When you land at the airport in Siem Reap, your personal guide and driver will greet you upon arrival. You'll be taken to your hotel for check in. After check in, your private car will take you to the city of Angkor Thom to ride on the backs of elephants up Bakheng Mountain for a gorgeous sunset watch from the temple perched atop. From here, you'll see the last rays of sun reaching out over the lush and green Cambodian countryside and jungles that you will spend the next few days discovering. You'll return to the hotel where you can prep for the evening dinner. Be prepared to enjoy a beautiful traditional dance performed by a team trained in the Dance of Apsara. This unique cultural experience highlights the mysterious civilization and heritage of Khmer spoken through choreography and music. Colorful costumes and playful activities will give you insights into the Khmer daily life and wedding traditions while you enjoy a delicious meal to welcome you to the Kingdom of Wonders. You'll be returned to your hotel after dinner where you may rest early from your long flight.
Saem Siem Reap Hotel (Deluxe Pool)

Day 4

Siam Reap

Rise up early this morning for a sight worth a million words. You'll wake up before dawn to be whisked by tuk-tuk to a treasure only seen in the early hours. As your tuk-tuk whirs along, you'll make out silhouettes of towering ancient trees rising on both sides of the road, hinting you that something phenomenal and mysterious is just up ahead. You'll find your tuk-tuk veer to the right and, if you're eyesight is good in the dark, you'll catch a glimpse of the towers of Angkor Wat peeking out from forests across the moat only giving you a prelude of what's to come. As you circle around the water's edge, you'll still be able to spot the peaks of the towers from behind your tuk-tuk.
As you arrive at Ta Prohm, you'll find yourself overcome by a sense of surreal wonder. With cold stacked stones and enormous trees overtaken, this temple will leave you feeling like you’ve just stepped into a fairy tale. The plot thickens…
You'll be perched between the star that lights our planet and the White Tree of Ta Prohm Temple. As the sun begins to reveal its rays on the horizon, you'll watch its light inch down the trunk as it transforms into a towering stack of gold.
As you're tuk-tuk returns you back to your hotel for breakfast, when you close your eyes you'll still see the fading outline of the White Tree etched in your memory, leaving you wondering if it was just a dream.
After breakfast, you can rest in your room until your tour guide and private vehicle pick you up at the hotel to begin your explorations of Angkor Thom Ancient City.
On your way to Angkor Thom, you’ll catch a glimpse of the front of Angkor Wat as you pass by, which will leave you with a tingling feeling on the back of your neck as you take your first glance of the enormity and wonder of the largest religious complex to ever exist. However, we'll be saving dessert for last as you go on today to see some other equally impressive structures of Ta Prohm Temple, Bayon Temple, Banteay Kdei, Baphoun, Elephant Terrace, Leper King Terrace, and the Royal Palace.
First you'll return to Ta Prohm to explore in detail what you only previewed this morning. Worn by time, rain, and overpowered by the jungle, this immaculate structure hidden under canopy will leave you feeling like you've stepped into the movie set of a treasure hunt adventure. Your private tour guide will give you the history and stories passed through oral tradition.
After you've had lunch, your exploits will continue as you visit Banteay Kdei, or "Citadel of Chambers". You'll also visit Victory Gate, Terrace of the Leper King, the Royal Palace, Baphuon and Bayon.
Bayon sets itself apart with its almost 200 smiling faces, sure to make you feel welcomed on your second day to the Kingdom of Wonders. With its winding tunnels, chambers, and daring climbs, Bayon will give you many picturesque moments to keep your camera busy.
As the sun approaches the horizon, we'll take you by private car to a lesser known temple perched on top of Krom Mountain just 10 miles away. This mountain rests at one of the northern most points of the Tonle Sap Lake, allowing you to look out over an outstretch of bio-diverse lake and marshes whilst you watch the golden disc descend and play a colorful symphony in the sky. If you're fortunate, the villages in the shade of the mountain may have festive wedding music echoing in the distance.
You'll be taken back to your hotel for the evening.
Saem Siem Reap Hotel (Deluxe Pool)

Day 5

Siam Reap

Today you'll wake early to visit Beng Melea while the morning dew and fog still cover this "Indiana Jones"-esque temple. Wind through maze-like tunnels, swing on ancient tree vines, and chart your own adventure while you climb through this amazing complex hidden in the jungle.
As the day begins to unfold, we'll take your adventure to new heights into the Kulen Mountain National Park (Mountain of Lychees). Explore the jungles brimming with wildlife and tropical fruit. Discover stone carvings under the streams that predate Angkor Wat. See the 16th century temple on the mountain where Buddhists and Hindus pilgrimage frequently. For lunch, enjoy a picnic next to Kulen Waterfall where Angelina Jolie was filmed for the movie Tomb Raider. Take a swim if you like before we continue to the rice fields and countryside below the mountain.
From there you'll take an ox-cart ride through the rice fields and give Palm Sugar and Palm Wine a try if you fancy. Then you'll return to the hotel to relax at your own leisure or stop at a local souvenir market on the way back.
Saem Siem Reap Hotel (Deluxe Pool)

Day 6

Siam Reap - Sihanoukville

For your last day in Siem Reap, you'll experience the temple relics in a way that will really let you feel like you've escaped the 20th century and traveled a thousand years back to a time when life was simple and nature was surreal.
After breakfast, you'll go for a gondola ride through the moats of Angkor Thom to see the vast ruins of the Khmer Empire at its peak. Close your eyes and smell the sweet perfume of the romdoul flowers growing wild on the shore and the lotus flowers bobbing in the water.
Finally, be prepared today to enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Angkor Wat. At this point, you'll have already gotten glimpses of the towers over treetops and the gates in front, in passing. But now you’ll finally get to satiate that curiosity that's grown in the last few days.
Enter Angkor Wat and learn about the stories and amazing architecture that has stunned archeologists, leaving more questions than answers. Angkor Wat possesses some of the most intricate and longest stone carvings in the world. This complex is four times the size of Vatican City making it the largest religious site known to man. Spend the morning adventuring through the many passages, levels, and exploring chambers that once housed many treasures of the ancient world. It will be an experience you won’t forget. In the afternoon, you'll take your flight to Sihanoukville. Your driver will pick you up from the airport and escort you to the hotel. Spend the evening at your own leisure.
Holiday Nataya Resort (Deluxe)

Day 7

Sihanoukville - Koh Rong

Island Getaway
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
White beaches, tropical islands, and sunshine galore will fill your next few days as you explore the beautiful tropical isles of Koh Rong. These islands were used in the French survivor series because of their white sand, deep blue waters, and beautiful landscapes. You'll spend your last days in Cambodia relaxing on the beach, exploring "Caribbean-style".
Option A: For the more adventurous – Private Sailboat beach getaway In the morning, your private car will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the sailboat club where you’ll receive sailing lessons, a map, and an emergency local phone before embarking on your own to your private bungalow on Koh Rong Island. Option B: Motorized Boat
In the morning, your private car will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the pier for boat transfer to your private bungalow on Koh Rong Island.
Lonely Beach Koh Rong (Bungalow)

Day 8

Koh Rong

Sleep in. You’ve earned it.
 Enjoy beach exploration and relaxing for the day or meet others on the island. At night, rest in hammocks and enjoy the stars while you sip on a fresh coconut. The coconuts on the island are some of the best in the world due to the proximity with the salt water and the lack of pollution.
Lonely Beach Koh Rong (Bungalow)

Day 9

Koh Rong

Enjoy another day relaxing at this island paradise.
Lonely Beach Koh Rong (Bungalow)

Day 10

Koh Rong - Phnom Penh

In the morning you'll return by boat to Sihanoukville where your private car will escort you to Phnom Penh. When you arrive in Phnom Penh, you can enjoy the rest of the day at your own leisure. We'll provide a local guide and driver who can take you to explore the markets in the afternoon. In the evening, you'll have dinner at the Bopha Phnom Penh Titanic Restaurant located next to Sisowat Quay.
The Plantation (Superior)

Day 11

Phnom Penh - Bangkok

On this day you'll visit the Silver Pagoda which has 5,000 silver tiles on the floor followed by a visit to the Royal Palace where the Khmer royal family lives. You will also visit the National Museum where you will see the large collection of Khmer history, art and architecture; and Wat Phnom which is the tallest religious structure in the city.
This afternoon, you will transfer to Bangkok where you will stay in Thailand’s tallest skyscraper. Spend the evening shopping and exploring in the garment and shopping district, Pratunam.
Take the khalong boat to MBK or enjoy a tuk tuk ride.
Baiyoke Sky (space zone)

Day 12

Bangkok - North America

Today you will be taken to Suvarnabhumi Airport for your international flight to North America.