Family Fun Adventure in China

12 Days $2870.00

12 Days Flexible Start Date $2870.00

Includes Private Guides and Drivers







  • Pandas!
  • Shows Acrobatics, Legends of Kung Fu, Opera Face Changing, Impression Sanjie Liu
  • Art Class, Sony Explora Science, Great Wall, Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium, Water Cube, The Forbidden City, Dragon Boat, Terra-Cotta Warriors, Cooking Class, River Cruise and much, much more!
  • A one of a kind family fun adventure!

Day 1

Depart from North America today on an overnight flight to China.

Day 2


Welcome to Beijing, the capital of China. You will be met at the terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport and transferred to your downtown hotel. After a special Peking Duck Dinner,you will enjoy the famous Beijing Acrobatic Show. After the show you will be taken back to your hotel.
Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel

Day 3


After breakfast, you will start your day with a tour of Tiananmen Square, a testament to the communist, and more specifically, Mao's influence on China's modern history. From there you will proceed to The Forbidden City, an ancient imperial palace, home to emperors for over 500 years. Home to the Last Emperor, it now houses the Palace Museum. Does it really have 9999 rooms?
Next you will attend the Baigongfang Handicraft Museum. There is genuine concern that China's traditional arts and handicrafts are disappearing and the museum is part of an effort to protect and nurture a priceless heritage. Space is provided for 103 masters to make and show their works. You have the option of participating in one of seven art classes. They are kite making, paper rose, Chinese knots, paper cutting, dough figurine, opera face make-up and Chinese brush writing. The next tour site is Temple of Heaven, a complex of ancient religious buildings where the ancient Emperors prayed for peace and harvest. If you made a kite, you can fly it here!
After dinner you will enjoy some serious jumping, tumbling, kicking and rolling at the famous Legend of Kung Fu show. After the show you will be taken back to your hotel.
Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel

Day 4


This morning starts with a visit to the Great Wall. You will be driven to Mutianyu in Huai Rou County on the north-east of Beijing. This is a less busy section that is well known for its beautiful surroundings; dense woods and rich pastures changing colors with the seasons of the year. You can take the cable car up and toboggan down if you want to pay the extra price.
In the afternoon, you will have chance to take pictures of Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium and the Water Cube. You can relax and drink some famous Chinese tea and enjoy a Chinese tea ceremony in a well-know Chinese tea market. The next stop is the Summer Palace, regarded as a museum of gardens in China. You will have a chance to take a dragon boat on Kunming Lake to enjoy picturesque scenery and go across to the island and see the 17 arch bridges. After the whole day tour, you will be transferred you back to your hotel.
Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel

Day 5

Beijing - Xian

This morning your will tour some of Beijing's Hutongs (alleys) by rickshaw. You will visit the typical Chinese quarters of Houhai (Shicha Lake) and many famous old buildings, where you can explore the real life of ordinary people in Beijing. Then you will pay a visit to a local family and learn to cook dumplings. Enjoy sharing the dishes made by your own hands with the hospitable host family. The next stop of the day is the porcelain factory, which is also a must in any Beijing tour.
Sony Explora Science is the next stop. Everyone is sure to love this museum. It has a lot of dream toys including robotic dogs which can play soccer, musical sculptures, sound and light transformers, soap bubble rings and much more. You will transfer to airport directly in Beijing and you will fly to Xian. Xian served as China's capital for over ten dynasties. After two hours, you will be met at Xian Xianyang International Airport where you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Have a good rest!
Xian Forest City Hotel

Day 6


The Museum of Terra-Cotta Warriors�and and Qin Tombs are the first stop today. Qinshihuang, the first emperor in Chinese history, began to build his own cemetery when he was just 13 years old and the construction took 38 years. After, you will visit the Terracotta factory where you will learn to make figurines.
After lunch, you will go to Big Wild Goose Pagoda. With seven storeys and a height of 64.5 meters, it was originally used to store Buddhism books brought from India during the Tang Dynasty. (618 - 907 A.D.)
Before going back to you hotel, you will attend a special dumpling dinner and enjoy a splendid Tang Dynasty sing and dancing show.
Xian Forest City Hotel

Day 7

Xian - Chengdu

Today you will visit the Shaan Xi History Museum. A walk through the exhibits here is like walking through the history of the Silk Road.
You begin with items from the Xia Dynasty (2200 - 1700 B.C.) and move through history into the Ming and Qing dynasties. The collection from the Han through the Tang (618 - 907A.D) and Song (960 - 1279A.D) dynasties shows the changes of art and craftsmanship.
The Ancient City Wall, built more than 600years ago, is the best preserved ancient city wall in China. You can rent a bicycle here and enjoy a ride on the wall. Next is a visit to the streets of the Muslim Quarter. Here you will find the best food stalls and a great lively market atmosphere.
After a transfer to the airport, you will fly to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China. After 11/2 hours, you will be met at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and transferred to your hotel in Chengdu city center. Have a good rest!
Caesarean Hotel

Day 8


After breakfast, your tour guide will escort you to the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center. In this park like setting, you will see China's national treasure. There is no other place in the world where you will see these pandas. The panda's bamboo comes from the mountains and special misting sheds have been built all around the grounds to keep bamboo fresh. It is really an excellent recreational area and highlight!
After lunch you will visit the UNESCO heritage site Mount Emei scenic area which includes the Leshan Giant Buddha. It has been compared in grandness the sphinx and the Valley of the Kings of the Nile. You can see both the sitting Buddha and the sleeping Buddha which is made up of several hills.
Tonight, after dinner, you will enjoy the famous Sichuan Opera Face Changing show. Sichuan Opera is well-known in China, and it is characterized by solo singing, skilled acting, rich percussion and incredibly funny comedies. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. They also wear vividly colored masks that they may change within a fraction of a second.
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Day 9

Chengdu - Guilin

This morning you will say goodbye to Chengdu and fly to Guilin, famous for its breathtaking beautiful scenery.
Today you will visit Elephant Trunk Hill, and have fun visiting the different shapes, camels, old man, elephant trunk, bamboo shoots and exploring inside Reed Flute Cave and the China Sea Pearl Museum.
Elephant Trunk Hill is located at the conjunction of the Li River and the Peach Blossom River. The hill looks very much like a giant elephant with a long trunk, and has become the symbol of Guilin city.
Guilin Bravo Hotel

Day 10

Guilin / Yangshuo

After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the Zhujiang Pier for your 4 hour Li River cruise. Li River is one of China's most famous scenic areas and the largest and most beautiful Karst landscape sightseeing areas in the world
You will disembark at the one thousand year old town, Yangshuo, and visit West Street,also called Foreigner's Street. With a history of over 1,400 years, West Street is the busiest as well as the oldest street in the town.
As China continues to open to the outside world, this little town attracts more and more foreigners with its unique mix of culture and, gradually, the street has become a center for cultural exchange between the east and west.
Tonight you will enjoy the largest live action performance of landscape in the world. Impression Sanjie Liu is directed by Mr. Zhang Yimou, the general director of the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games 2008.The show has a cast of some 600 performers, of which many are local fishermen. It took 5 years of practice before the first performance. After the show you will be driven back to your hotel.
Guilin Bravo Hotel

Day 11

Guilin / Longsheng

Today you will enjoy a cultural tour of the Longsheng area and ethnic tribes. Longsheng is located in the mountainous region northeast of Guilin. The natural beauty and the colorful ethnic Chinese cultures and customs attract people from all over the world.
A 2 hours scenic drive on beautiful mountain road will get you to the Longji area. Here you will visit Zhuang and Yao minority villages and meet some local families. Ethnic girls dressed in their local colors may have a demonstration on hair combing or singing and dancing.
You will enjoy the beautiful terraced rice fields after getting to the summit of Longji (Dragon's backbone). The terraced rice fields were first built in the Yuan Dynasty, about 800 years ago, and completed in the Qing dynasty under the crystallization of wisdom and labour of the Zhuang people. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, the highest at an elevation of 885 meters.
The coiling line spirals up from the mountain foot to the top, making the mountain looks like huge snail if seen from afar. Be sure to enjoy the wonderful views around Pingan village.
Guilin Bravo Hotel

Day 12

Today you finish your Family Fun Adventure in China. You will be transferred to Guilin Liangjiang International Airport to start your trip home.